Jonathan Ely

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I have been LARPing for over 25 years. Some of you will know me from playing the games Bladelands, The Vale or other games over the years. Or even when you have attended games at Huntley Wood in Staffordshire. Those of you who don’t; I look forward to meeting you. X-isle is the new fantasy game replacing Bladelands after a happy run of over 10 years and I am very much looking forward to helping to run it as one of the referees.

Susanne Rebel

Hi! My name is Susanne. Some of you might have seen me at Huntley Wood playing several games (Vale, Mystwood), but many of you won't know me yet. I am relatively new to LARP, but not to planning, managing and customer service, since my daily job involves all of these. It is for that reason I will handle most communication with our players in the run up to the game. At the game I will be one of four referees. I am looking forward to it!

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