Booking is simple!


1. Email us at Please include the following information

  • Your full name

  • Character Name

  • Character Race

  • Your area of focus, see 'Character Creation'

  • Your chosen Guild or Speciality, one of; mercenaries, alchemists, surgeons, mages, mystics, druids or devoted followers

  • Character Background (optional)

  • Emergency Contact

  • Any medical issues we need to be aware of

You will receive a list of skills your chosen guild or speciality teaches and non-human races will receive their racial information including racial skills after we received the above information. This will allow you to select your starting skills and abilities. Note: anyone may purchase the skills that are available to all, listed on the website under 'Skills'.


Don’t you have all your character details ready when you book? Don’t worry! You can always send us another email with additional character information. 

2. Pay the ticket fee using PayPal.

Ticket Prices are £70.

Payments can be made by PayPal ( 

We will accept payments to Majestic Oak Limited’s bank account or payments at the gate. Please contact us if you prefer any of these methods.

Make sure all your character details and your payment are both in at least two weeks before the event. 

If you want to hire a bell tent from Huntley Wood for in character camping, you can contact them by sending an email to

We will try to accommodate everyone who wants to come but we are limiting the tickets to 30 players per event.


(Legal notice bit) Majestic Oak is VAT registered so this price INCLUDES VAT.