The Guilds

The adventuring guilds are now the core of Kingdom society. Most people join as an apprentice and are trained until they qualify as a full member. More senior members can become masters with access to the inner secrets of their guild. Most people are a member of only one guild but certain guilds can be combined. 


The Guild of Alchemists

The Alchemists have a monopoly on making magical items of all sorts and buying and selling such items. This is enforced by the law. The guild jealously guards its monopoly and uses the law and its own officers and hirlings to enforce it.

Guild members may not make magical items which heal unless the member is approved (usually a member of) the Guild of Barbers and Surgeons. The guild does not pursue those who make herbal potions as these are regarded as non-magical.

Alchemists cannot also be magic wielders. Anyone who wields magic may not join the guild and no guild member may learn to wield magic. This means mages, mystics and druids.

Most guild members are human (or human avatars). Any Ossiad may join the guild and any innate magical abilities will be overlooked. Other spirit creatures may not join. The guild will consider individuals who are members of other races on a case by case basis.

The guild supplies equipment and raw materials to its members and permits them to buy training in guild skills. The guild charges fees to its members and failure to pay results in suspension or expulsion. 

The guild also acts as the main bankers and will open accounts and take deposits for any citizen. They pay interest on these deposits. They will consider making loans but this is determined on a case by case basis. The guild also sells a variety of potions at fixed prices from its guild houses – members in good standing can obtain discounts. Manufacturing occurs between events – characters cannot make items at events.

The current head of the guild is Alena Korlov. She is known to be a tough no nonsense business woman and a person not to be messed with. It is common knowledge that there is friction between the Guildmaster and the Archmage.


The Guild of Barbers and Surgeons

Often referred to as the Healers Guild. They have a monopoly on the vital skills which allow the treatment of mortal wounds. The Council supports the guild by funding the support and training of members which means that there are no guild fees for apprentices and even full guild members have low fees. 

The guild is highly protective of its members. People who injure or kill surgeons will often be found dead in mysterious circumstances and there are rumours that assassins make a lot of money from the guild. A record is kept of those who fail to pay for healing services and they are blacklisted – members will not heal persons who have been so listed. 

The guild teaches all the healing skills and also the correct use of herbs both to treat wounds and also to make herbal potions. The Alchemists do not make an issue of this as the potions are regarded as non-magical. Alchemists who wish to make healing devices are required by their guild to obtain a licence from the Guild of Barbers and Surgeons. 

The ability to heal is a magical gift. As such it cannot be combined with Soulfire (mages), Ogham (druids) or Force (mystics) but does not interfere with divine power. The guild will not take on people who are members of the Mages Guild or who are Mystics or Druids. Most guild members are human but they will accept any race as members. It is possible to be a member of both the Guild or Barbers and Surgeons and the Mercenaries. 

The current head of the guild is Roberta Dawlish, a scholastic and calm person who is also a member of the church of Rhiannon.


The Guild of Mercenaries

The guild provides training and support to those who fight for a living. 

The Mercinaries Guild allows members of the other guilds to join and will accept members of all races. Training is offered in return for fees but the fees to be a member are reasonable. There are a range of skills that the guild will teach to anyone who pays the fees whether or not members, these include all the basic weapon and armour skills. Advanced combat and physical training are restricted to members.

The guild is also technically the guild of the Guards, Rangers and Knights. These are all subject to their own separate chains of command and report to the Council. Their fees and equipment are provided by the Council but they are required to perform duties in return. 

The current head of the guild is Paul Colta. He is a tough old warrior but politically inept. It is pure luck that keeps him in power (he is very lucky). He is a proponent of the magientists believing that they offer a range of new gadgets to protect the island.


The Mages Guild

The guild controls all spell magic and you must have the permission of the guild to cast magic or be considered a witch. The archmage has declared that all uncorrupt druids and mystics are associate members and permits are issued on request. All corrupt druids and mystics are witches and there are orders to hunt them down and kill them. 

Mages cannot wear armour and cast spells. If they cast spells while carrying weapons (except those made of wood) they are injured – they lose the power to cast spells until dawn and suffer a mortal wound to the body which is reduced to zero hits. It is known that some materials do not cause this and can be carried but it is unclear how this works.

Guild fees are significant but those who cannot pay are assigned to Council or guild duties not expelled. The guild provides training and resources to make magical aids: spell books, scrolls, wands, rods and staves as well as access to the guild library.

The Mages Guild is exclusive. You cannot be a member of any other guild and the mages. All races are accepted except creatures of the void and the unliving. 

The current head of the guild is John Lymner. Also the chair of the Council he wields significant power but rarely uses it. He is known to personally fund the Druidic College and to be a great supporter of the land – he is opposed to magientists and their goals and is currently (politely) blocking their desire to found a university. He hates witches and has been known to personally track them down and kill them – a situation that the guild witchfinder finds rather embarrassing. 


The Church

The church is a catch all for the worshippers and priests of all the various accepted faiths. These include Rhiannon, Rhianos, Orion, Elektra, Hieron, Oghma, Thales, Nysa and Goras.

The gods live in a place beyond the void known as the dreaming. They communicate with their mortal followers with the aid of their loyal servants who ascend to the dreaming via the rainbow bridge in the void. The evil creatures of the void are held at bay by the guardians of the bridge.

All the various faiths are opposed to a malign force known as the Unlife and all fight and seek to destroy its servants the demons of the void and the unliving. They also work together to ensure that the souls of mortal beings are sent safely to the gods in the dreaming.