The path of the spirits

Druids call upon specific land spirits to power their spells: Ossiads (earth spirits), Dryads (wood spirits), Naiads (water spirits), Sylphs (air spirits), Espers (ice spirits), Ifrits (fire spirits)

All druidic magic requires the use of a short rite to call upon the appropriate spirit of the land and gain their powers; so a druid must call upon an Ifrit in order to use fire spells. Druids learn how to call on each group of spirits separately; they then gain the ability to use their spells; the druid must first call upon the spirit (unless it is their patron) which costs 2 ogham (it is free if it is their totem), the spirit then remains with them until they call upon another spirit or they regain ogham.

While possessed by a spirit the druid becomes vulnerable to certain forces:

  • Earth    Cold is treated as SLAYING damage

  • Water    Shock is treated as SLAYING damage

  • Ice        Flame is treated as SLAYING damage

  • Fire        Cold is treated as SLAYING damage

  • Air        Shock is treated as SLAYING damage

  • Wood    Flame is treated as SLAYING damage

Druids regain ogham every day at dawn. They may also get their ogham back by communing with the spirits; you must inform a referee prior to doing this, it will take:

  • 10 minutes of peaceful communion in a nexus attuned to the spirits

  • 5 minutes of peaceful communion in a greater nexus 

  • 5 minutes in the company of an NPC spirit in appropriate RP

  • 10 minute rite anywhere if the druid knows the rite of communion (a skill)

Druids must follow the path of the spirits in order to be able to call upon them. Every sin a druid commits reduces their ogham pool (maximum ogham) by 1. The ogham pool recovers by 1 each night due to the normal process of communing with the spirits but it is not normally possible to recover any faster.

A corrupt druid (a skill) is able to lie to and deceive the spirits which means that they no longer suffer from breaking the path. They must recover their power differently however: they still get all their ogham back at dawn but to recover it faster they must commune with the spirits in the presence of other believers (non-corrupt ones) or enjoy the company of a corrupt spirit or use the rite of communion. It can be very difficult to be a lone corrupt druid and this is not recommended.

Druids are not regarded as mages as they do not cast spells, the spirits do on their behalf. Never-the-less, they are regulated by the Mages for legal purposes; any non-corrupt druid can obtain a license from the Mages’Guild. The current Archmage (Guild Head) is highly supportive of the druids and personally funds a Druidic College as a place for centralised learning.

Fees:     Druids do not pay guild fees but do donate half their income to the Druidic College which spends this money on training and to support their groves.