The power from within

Mystics call upon a power that comes from within themselves that they refer to as the Mystic Force or just Force. They focus this power through chants that enable them to create spells. 

In order to be able to harness this inner force, Mystics dedicate themselves to a life of self control and abstinence that they refer to as the "Way". Mystics who follow the way obey the following rules:

  • They do not attack others without provocation and fight only in defence of themselves or others

  • They do not seek to interfere in free will - while they will use their magic to gain short term control over others, they do not try to rule or control groups except by changing their minds

  • They seek to live in balance with the circle of life and do not interfere with the souls of others

  • They do not seek material wealth - they will keep a suit of armour and a weapon combination for their own needs as well as things needed to live, but they do not hoard wealth and dispose of everything in excess of about 10/- or so that they own above their basic needs

  • They teach others freely the Mystic Way and seek to help other Mystics advance

Mystics who do not follow these rules will see their store of force dwindle away until they are unable to use magic (in game terms if you break these rules you cannot cast spells until you have purified yourself).

In order to purify themselves after breaking the rules of the way they must first attempt to put right what they did to sin and then fast and meditate for a night (players may eat and drink what they like OOC but IC must only drink water and not eat anything from 8pm until the next morning). It is assumed that mystics do this between events if they wish provided they do not continue to break the rules of the way (for example getting rid of excess wealth).

Venal Mystics, are those who are self-serving and selfish. They can get away with breaking the sins provided that they are able to rationalise an explanation (for example, these are not my potions or goods, they belong to X who is letting me carry / use them). However, they are unable to strain themselves by overcasting.

Corrupt Mystics, are those who have left the mystic way completely behind. They may do as they wish however, their soul is marked and they have access to a slightly different spell list. They are permitted to overcast. They recover their powers slightly differently as well.

Mystics recover all their force overnight but they may recover it more quickly by meditating.

Mystics of all types are unaffected by armour and do not require free hands to use their chants.

Mystics do not have their own guild but they are not persecuted by the Guild of Mages as witches. What they do is not regarded as spell casting. In addition many of them are initiates of the gods so it would be impolitic to persecute them in this way. This is not true of corrupt mystics who will not be initiates (their souls are marked) and who are generally regarded as a threat by the Guilds Council - corrupt mystics are vigorously pursued. A non-corrupt mystic can obtain a certificate from the mages guild if required.

Becoming a Mystic usually requires many years of training and discipline working with another mystic. At the end of the process you gain 3 force and the ability to recover force; you also gain the skill to use all the 1st order chants.

Fees:     Mystics do not pay guild fees and receive training from other mystics for free.