The most common race of the world; they have the easiest time interacting with society which means that they can interact easily with the Guilds leading to easier access to training and to obtaining warrants to execute tasks for the Guilds (Guild jobs). They have no specific advantages but they also have no disadvantages; as mortals they have the greatest control over their own souls and a (relatively) easy time being resurrected. 

Humans have no specific costume requirements or prosthetics. 

NB Non-humans are at a significant disadvantage in learning restricted skills.



These are immortal souls who have somehow become tied to the world. No one knows how this has come about or why. Their bodies can die but this leads to their souls moving on to a new host. The avatar has clear memories of the distant past prior to its endless journey and good memories of its most recent lives inside hosts but the endless chain or existence means that only the current life is truly remembered – distant past lives are just hazy glimpses. Avatars are almost impossible to kill but cannot be resurrected; it is important that they keep in mind that anything they do to their soul will travel with them from host to host. 

The souls almost always embody in humans but in very rare cases they may embody in other races. When this happens the avatar is less stable.

Humans avatars have no specific costume requirements or prosthetics but non-human avatars would have the requirements of the race they appear to be. 

NB A player will normally only be allowed to play one Avatar character.


The Fae

The fae are a group of related races with certain things in common; they are divided into the Summer Court and the Winter Court. Summer each court is ruled by three nobles who exercise great magical power over the members of their court:

  • a Queen (or King) who rules the court but who is rarely seen,

  • a Knight who is responsible for defending the court, and

  • a Lady or Lord who is responsible for dealings with outsiders.

Fae appear rather odd to other races with strange behaviour and motivations that others do not understand. They are noted for keeping their word but the letter not the spirit and also for paying the debts.

Legend has it that the Fae do not have souls which must make them difficult or impossible to restore to life but they are also notoriously hard to kill. Fae powers reputedly include immunity to normal weapons, the ability to generate a warding, immunity to soul wounds, longer death counts and the ability to naturally enchant their weapons.

There are a huge number of different types of fae; when you design your character, you are permitted to state which court you come from and to specify the details of your sub race. This also sets your costume requirements. At this stage you can also discuss any disadvantages and advantages that your specific race has.


Spirit Creatures

These are permanently embodied spirits of the land. They are physically embodied so do not have many of the features of spirits. They each serve a spirit lord which rules their sphere.

Therans are shape-changing beast spirits who serve the Hunter aspect of Chase. They protect the key places where the land generates power and the home of the spirits. They are generally powerful and deadly killers. They are friendly to non-corrupt druids and work closely with them. They appear human most of the time but can assume a beast shape to fight. In beast shape they are terrifying killers.

Dryads are plant spirits that serve Logan. They protect the forest and wild places. They have many of the aspects of plants and are tough and hard to kill. They also have the best connection with the lifeweb that links the spiritual places of power. They have obvious leaves and vines on their bodies.

Ossiads are creatures of stone that serve Waylan while Naiads are creatures of the waters that serve Mayna.



These are not a playable race and we strongly recommend that you avoid becoming one in play. 

These are a race that have entered into a pact with the Unlife in order to gain endless existence and power but are inimical to life. They are hard to kill, easy to restore, very difficult to destroy perminantly and have various powers and immunities.



These are not a playable race and we strongly recommend that you avoid becoming one in play. 

These are a race that are naturally resident in the void. They cannot be destroyed, when killed they return to the void where they reform over time before returning.