There are a number of ways to heal the various injuries. The most difficult to treat are MORTAL WOUNDS. SOUL WOUND and DECAY. MORTAL WOUNDS can be treated to slow death but can only be cured by surgery; SOUL WOUNDS can be cured by the clergy or powerful surgeons; DECAY can be treated by very powerful alchemy and powerful surgeons.

If you are bleeding out from a mortal wound you will die after a period of time (your death count), usually five minutes. A simple skill (Hold Wounds) which can be learned by anyone will double your remaining death count and a healer can stabilise you so that your death count stops for an hour. 

There are various spells and potions which will cure location hits damage, purge poisons and treat diseases.

If you do die, powerful magic can perhaps be used to save you by Resurrection. 


Healing Cards

When healing a person with a mortal wound, the healer draws a card from their healing deck to determine the best way to treat the patient.

The results of the draw will involve the use of surgical supplies to physrep the healing process; in addition to the tools and equipment, they must have to deal with the injury. 

The healer will ask the patient what caused the mortal wound as this affects the results of the card draw. A mortal wound caused by a coup de grace is treated as if caused by HARM.