Healers are a vital part of the infrastructure of any adventuring company but to use their skills they must have resources and this means money.

It generally costs between a shilling and four shillings to heal a mortal wound and the surgeon also needs to make a living. The Guild of Barbers and Surgeons encourages and expects its members to charge appropriate fees for their services. Surgeons who do not charge are likely to fall into disfavour with their guild; those who do not pay can be marked by the guild and banned from receiving further healing or even suffer a worse fate … The other guilds are very supportive of the Surgeons in this and you are unlikely to get much sympathy if you do not pay your healer.

Healers are also trained in herbalism. The herbs that they use to heal mortal wounds and treat patients can also be used to create potions. Unlike alchemy, these are created at events.

Fees:     Full guild members pay guild fees of three shillings per season but will usually not need to pay for training to improve their skills.